Creative Shift set of postcards

Client Creative Shift

Promotional design

Project deliverables Promotional postcard set

Brief Creative Shift works with businesses who want to develop their people and thus grow profit. They create bespoke consultancy services to build confident businesses with great teams and connections.

This business development initiative focussed on stimulating referrals.  They wanted to create a collection of promotional design postcards based on the “shareable” images (inspirational sayings) featured on their website and social media presence. Their brief to us was to design something that people will find attractive, that will stimulate conversation and inspire their clients to pass on their contacts as a recommendation to potential new clients.

Taking our lead from their creative and vibrant style, we wanted to create something with a real sense of personality. We produced a set of postcards that focused on key statements and quotes that reflected their approach and graphics that reflected their values of curiosity and connection.